Other people

Gonzalo Cortes Capano

My PhD in interdisciplinary environmental sciences will be focused on identifying a suite of appropriate strategies and incentives to promote effective private land conservation img_3813according both to the preferences, motivations and needs of landowners, and to the
national institutional context. I will work in Uruguay where most of the territory is privately owned and the most important areas for biodiversity conservation occur on private land.


Anna Hausmann

During my PhD I have been exploring the preferences of tourists for nature-based experiences in protected areas, by combining data derived from traditional surveys with img_4479-copianovel data mined from social media platforms, to inform conservation decision-making, including management and marketing. My work focused on protected areas in South Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa.



Vuokko Heikinheimo

Vuokko is working on a PhD in the project Social Media Data for Conservation Science. She focuses on studying the potential and limitations of using georeferenced social media for vuokko_facespatio-temporal analysis of people’s activities and movements in order to map opportunities and threats in areas of high conservation value. The work is done in collaboration with national park authorities in Finland and South Africa.