About me

Dr. Enrico Di Minin is an Academy of Finland Researcher in Conservation Science at the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki. With funding from the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki he started building a group of researchers interested in developing cutting-edge analyses, using novel data sources and interdisciplinary methods, to address the biodiversity crisis and inform conservation policy. We are the Interdisciplinary and Digital Conservation Group.
selfie_lionPreviously he was a postdoctoral Researcher at the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Metapopulation Research. He earned his PhD at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent, UK.

His research focuses on evaluating the economic benefits derived from biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource use, global wildlife trade, spatial conservation prioritization and trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and alternative land uses to reduce policy conflicts. He tries to address these topics by using interdisciplinary research, novel data sources, such as social media data, and involving conservation practitioners. Particularly, he is interested in developing conservation solutions that can better inform real-world decision-making.

Much of his work has involved working in Southern Africa, South America and India, but he carries out research at multiple scales from global to local.

Enrico is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Life Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and on the Editorial Board of the journals Diversity and Distributions and Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. He is also a member of the IUCN’s Sustainable Livelihoods and Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Groups.

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