Hands-on research on illegal wildlife trade in Cameroon

IMG_43461Laura Centore is conducting research for her MSc thesis on bushmeat trade, the role of subsistence hunting and its impact on wildlife density in Southwest Cameroon. The research project is a combination of socio-economic and ecological studies. The methodology used includes household interviews, market survey, and line transect monitoring. The trend of wildlife populations is analyzed in conjunction with the market price of bushmeat, bushmeat availability and the household perception of wildlife. Engaging with hunters, bushmeat consumers and traders has deepened my understanding of wildlife trade. However, she highlights that the most meaningful part of her field work has been the opportunity to learn about the vivacious culture and interact with the local community where she is based. She firmly believes that cooperation with stakeholders, especially local communities, is imperative when trying to achieve conservation success. Here are a few pictures of Laura in the field and you can follow her on Twitter @lauracentore.